4-Ingredient Sugar-Free Blueberry Jam (Keto & Low Carb)

Looking for a healthy and balanced blueberry jam that is sugar-free, gluten-free, low carbohydrate as well as keto-friendly? Then this is the excellent jam for you!

This blueberry jam recipe is a wonderful healthy and balanced option to standard jam. It is made with natural components as well as is really simple to make.

No pectin or canning is called for to make this jam.

This tasty homemade jam is made with health-boosting components such as blueberries, chia seeds, as well as lemon juice.

For included sweet taste, we make use of an all-natural sugar called Lakanto Monkfruit This is the most effective sugar alternative as it is 100% all-natural as well as has essentially no sugars or calories.

How To Make Sugar-Free Blueberry Jam


3 mugs blueberries

1/4 mug lakanto monkfruit ( or all-natural sugar of option)

2 tablespoon chia seeds

Freshly pressed juice of one lemon


In a pan, include the blueberries as well as lakanto monkfruit (all-natural sugar), as well as lemon juice. Place on a range over tool warmth. Once blueberries start to soften as well as crumble, include the chia seeds as well as start mixing.

Bring to a solid simmer or slow-moving boil prior to lowering the warmth to low. Simmer for an extra 15-20 mins while mixing sometimes.

Take the pan off the warmth as well as put right into a clear container. Allow it to entirely cool down in the past putting in the fridge.

Recipe Notes

The jam lasts as much as 2-3 weeks in the refrigerator as well as over a month in the freezer.

Easy Sugar-Free Blueberry Keto Jam Recipe. This healthy homemade low carb blueberry jam recipe is made with blueberries, chia seeds, lemon juice and natural sweetener. A gluten-free recipe.

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