Brownie aux Oréo

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Brownie aux Or éo

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Servings 10
Cost Cheap


  • 0,5 tsp. coffee Chemical yeast
  • 1 tsp. coffee Natural vanilla flavouring
  • 1 tsp. tbsps. tbsps Unsweetened chocolate powder
  • 1 pinch Sodium bicarbonate
  • 170 gr. Soft butter
  • 2 pinches Salt
  • 200 gr. Dark delicious chocolate
  • 4 Eggs
  • 45 gr. Flour
  • 80 gr. White sugar
  • 80 gr. Red sugar


  • Preheat the stove to 180 ° C. Melt the butter in a dual central heating boiler with the dark delicious chocolate. Book.
  • Break the eggs and also defeat them with an electrical mixer up until they triple in quantity and also the sugars are no more “crystals”. Add fifty percent of the sugars to the eggs part-time, after that a couple of minutes prior to completion, the remainder of the sugars.
  • Stir in thawed delicious chocolate to the constructed eggs. Add the vanilla flavouring. Add the completely dry components (flour chocolate salt yeast bicarbonate) and also mix up until an uniform blend is acquired.
  • Break 7 Or éo biscuits right into 7 and also fold them right into the dough. Pour the dough right into a rectangle-shaped buttered and also floured mould. Coarsely damage the remainder of the Oreos and also placed them back on the brownie maker.
  • Bake for around 20 mins (relying on the density of the brownie! Here, 2 centimeters). It is essential that the brownie is not overcooked to maintain it soft.

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