Easy Homemade Bread

frontal view on sliced loaf of bread

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Learn just how to make your very own bread– it’s so easy, and also this recipe ends up completely soft and also cosy with a wonderful crust whenever.

Recipe information

Prep 15 minutes
Cook 30 minutes
Resting 3 humans resources
Total 3 humans resources 45 minutes

Difficulty Easy

Servings 1 loaf


  • 4 mugs all-purpose flour
  • 1 tbsp energetic dried out yeast
  • 2 tbsps butter
  • 1 1/2 tsps salt
  • 1 1/4 mugs water


  • Add flour, yeast, butter and also salt to the dish of a stand mixer fitted with the hook accessory.
  • Start the mixer on reduced, after that gradually put the water right into the dish. Knead on tool rate up until dough is smooth, concerning 5-10 mins.
  • Gather dough right into a sphere, after that cover with a tidy tea towel and also allow rest at space temperature level up until puffy and also increased in dimension (1-2 hrs, relying on space temperature level, elevation and also moisture).
  • Turn dough out on tidy, gently floured kitchen counter. Knead a couple of times, after that form right into a log. Place in a gently fueled oil 4 × 8 inch loaf frying pan. Cover with a tidy tea towel and also allow rest at space temperature level up until expanded to the top of the frying pan, concerning 30-60 mins.
  • To bake, position a small-medium oven-safe meal loaded with water in the stove. Heat the stove to 440 ° F. Slash the bread (kitchen shears function wonderful if you’re brand-new to making insicions on bread), after that cook around 30 mins, up until bread is gold.
  • Turn bread out of the frying pan and also position on an air conditioning shelf to cool down entirely.
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Baking tips

Yeast dough tutorial: If you desire a thorough overview with images on basic cooking with yeast, I have a comprehensive tutorial here.

When to quit massaging: If you’re not sure if your dough is done massaging, attempt the windowpane examination: Pull apart a tiny area of the dough. If you can extend it paper-thin (nearly translucent) without it tearing apart, your dough is done massaging! If it tears conveniently, massaged a little longer (picture in tutorial I connected over).

Water temperature level: There is no demand to make use of cozy water right here! A great deal of individuals make use of water that’s also warm– this eliminates the yeast. It’s more secure to provide the dough even more time to relax vs increasing the yeast with cozy water.

Use much less yeast: If you wish to make use of much less yeast, you definitely can. In reality, my partner basically constantly cooks the bread with fifty percent (or perhaps a quarter) of the yeast the recipe requires nowadays (to conserve yeast– it’s tough to find by today). It really offers the bread a better taste, however the dough undoubtedly requires to relax for a lot longer. But if you have the moment and also wish to make use of much less yeast, it functions.

Rest time: The time the dough requires to relax and also the yeast to expand depends upon many variables, it’s tough to place a local time on it. Altitude makes a large distinction (greater elevation = much shorter relaxing time; if you go to high elevation I really suggest reducing the yeast in fifty percent for far better taste). I lay out all the feasible variables I understand in the tutorial I connected above.

As a general rule, when your dough allows and also puffy and also increased in dimension– it prepares to be formed. When the designed dough arrives of your frying pan– it prepares to cook.

Ingredient notes

Flour: You can make use of half entire wheat, fifty percent white as opposed to all white. Use 1 added tbsp butter. Also, include even more water as required (1-4 tbsps, relying on specific flour made use of and also moisture).

Butter: Oil functions equally as well. We actually like this recipe made with olive oil– creates a much more Mediterranean influenced bread.

Water: You can likewise make use of fifty percent milk, fifty percent water for a softer bread.


The bread maintains well at space temperature level covered in a tidy tea towel for 1-2 days.

Freezer directions

I suggest cold the bread cut, it’s less complicated to thaw. Separate pieces with wax paper and also location in a freezer bag. Label with the name and also use-by day (approximately 3 months) and also freeze.

Defrost solitary pieces on a shelf on the counter. Toast prior to offering for ideal taste.

This is the specific bread my partner cooks for us a pair times weekly. No, we do not obtain tired

We change it up often by utilizing fifty percent entire wheat flour, making use of olive oil as opposed to butter or by cooking it in a rounded frying pan rather. On the weekend breaks we typically make a soft braided milk bread rather and also when we’re brief in a timely manner we make No Knead Bread or No Knead French Bread.

If you run out yeast–try a Soda Bread And if you’re searching for the excellent dinner rolls … Well,here’s the recipe What can I state, we’re a bread-y household

top down view on homemade bread
frontal view on sliced loaf of bread
top down view on two slices of bread next to an unsliced loaf

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