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pb max recipe, final photo

PB Max was a sweet bar that was preferred in the late 80’s as well as very early 90’s with a crispy entire grain cookie, velvety peanut butter dental filling, covered with milk delicious chocolate. Make this imitator recipe today!

homemade PB Max

PB Max Candy Bar

A fast background lesson for every one of you regarding the PB Max; It was a sweet bar made by Mars from regarding 1989-1994 The PB max had an entire wheat cookie under, a thick layer of velvety, sweetened peanut butter, and afterwards little crispy rounds in addition to the peanut butter, covered in milk delicious chocolate.

The sweet bar was stopped since evidently the Mars family members really did not such as peanut butter regardless of making $50 million in sales. (Thats according toWikipedia so clearly it’s tough, quick fact. )

To be totally sincere, I was 2 years of ages when the PB Max Candy Bar was stopped. My Brother in Law, Brett, nonetheless was significantly active as well as ENJOYED the sweet bar. I have actually done substantial research study as well as created the closest variation feasible.

pb max recipe, final photo

PB Max Recipe

After essentially 3 days of research study, recipe screening, as well as trial run with individuals that stayed in the PB Max, Dumb as well as Dumber magnificence days, I believe we have actually lastly toenailed an imitator recipe.

The entire wheat cookie resembles a homemade graham biscuit. We will really make use of the exact same cookie dough as the base cookie to make our crumbles that will certainly cover the peanut butter layer.

The Peanut butter layer contains velvety peanut butter as well as powdered sugar. Pretty standard, however definitely tasty.

The delicious chocolate typically made use of in the past was milk delicious chocolate, to ensure that is what i have actually made use of additionally.

whole grain cookie base for pb max candy recipe

What remains in a PB Max Candy Bar?

Whole Grain Cookie & Crumbles

  • butter: I make use of salty butter in this recipe, if you just have actually unsalted available simply make certain to include a pinch of salt to the dough when including the flour!
  • brownish sugar: Pack that brownish sugar!! We make use of brownish sugar over routine granulated sugar for both the taste as well as coloring.
  • egg: Just one egg is required in thisrecipe
  • vanilla
  • entire wheat flour: Whole wheat flour is a should to make these PB Max bars comparable to the initial. If white flour is made use of, you’ll wind up with a something comparable to a sugar cookie bar, which isn’t right.
  • cooking powder

Peanut Butter Layer

  • Peanut Butter: We are seeking velvety peanut butter as well as velvety peanut butter just.
  • Powdered Sugar

Chocolate Layer

  • Milk Chocolate: You can make use of chocolate chips or dipping delicious chocolate if you have some. If you completely choose semi-sweet over milk delicious chocolate, be my visitor! Just recognize that the initial made use of milk delicious chocolate.

assembling the homemade PB Max

How to Make a PB Max Bar

Assembling the PB Max bar might take a little time, however it is very easy therefore worth completion outcome.

Once your cookie bases & crumbles have actually baked as well as cooled down, blend with each other the peanut butter as well as powdered sugar.

Spread a charitable quantity of peanut butter blend onto the cookie base, and afterwards cover the peanut butter with the cookie collapses, as revealed over.

Repeat with every one of your cookie bases. Once every one of your cookie bases have actually been covered with peanut butter as well as collapses, they require to enter into the freezer for 15-20 mins prior to being covered in delicious chocolate. This is necessary, the peanut butter will certainly be a melty mess if they are not iced up.

Dip as well as roll each PB Max bar in dissolved milk delicious chocolate as well as permit them to establish on a parchment paper or a silicone cooking floor covering.

*** I such as to utilize my Instant Pot to thaw delicious chocolate as well as maintain it thawed for as lengthy as required. If you have an Instant Pot as well as desire every one of the delicious chocolate melting information, head over to my Instant Pot Chocolate Melting Hack message.

final photo of pb max candy bar

How to Store your PB Max

You can save your homemade PB Max at space temperature level in an air limited container for approximately 4 days, although the entire wheat cookie might end up being much less ‘crackery’ the longer it is maintained by the peanut butter layer.

If you want to maintain your own for longer than 4 days, do not hesitate to cover them separately with cling wrap as well as freeze them. Pull them out of the freezer regarding 30 mins prior to your PB Max Craving strikes.

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final photo of pb max candy bar


PB Max Recipe

PB Max was a sweet bar that was preferred in the late 80’s as well as very early 90’s with a crispy entire grain cookie, velvety peanut butter dental filling, covered with milk delicious chocolate. Make this imitator recipe today!
Course Dessert
Keyword PB Max Recipe
Prep Time 30 mins
Cook Time 20 mins
Cooling Time 30 mins
Servings 9 bars
Calories 362 kcal
Author Karli Bitner


Whole Grain Cookie/Cookie Crumbles

  • 1/2 mug salty butter softened
  • 1/2 mug brownish sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tsp vanilla remove
  • 1 tsp cooking powder
  • 1 1/2 mug entire wheat flour

Peanut Butter Filling

  • 2/3 mug velvety peanut butter
  • 2/3 mug powdered sugar

Chocolate Layer

  • 2 115 oz bags milk delicious chocolate chips


Whole Grain Cookie/Cookie Crumbles

  • Preheat stove to 350 °.(************************************************** )
  • .

  • .

    Using a hand mixer, incorporate the softened butter as well as brownish sugar till totally incorporated as well as smooth.
  • Add the egg as well as vanilla right into the dish, as well as mix extensively.
  • Add the cooking powder as well as entire wheat flour to the dish as well as mix till incorporated, the dough must remain in little crumbles, not in one large round.
  • Take fifty percent of the dough collapses as well as organize them on fifty percent of a cookie sheet. If your dough has actually comepletley integrated, take fifty percent of the dough as well as collapse it right into tiny peices onto one side of a cookie sheet.
  • Flour your counter, take the continuing to be dough as well as roll it out like you would certainly sugar cookies. Roll it out till it is 1/4- 1/2 inch thick. Cut off the harsh sides, reduced right into 9 squares. (cut in thirds up and down, after that in thirds flat.)
  • Use a Fork to jab openings in the cookies so they do not expand while cooking.
  • Transfter the square cookies onto the various other fifty percent of the cookie sheet.
  • Bake at 350 ° for 15-20 mintues, we wish to dry out the cookies as well as cookie crumbs out completley so they end up being like a biscuit, mine take closer to 20 mintues, simply view them so they do not melt.
  • Take them out of the stove as well as permit them to cool down completley.

Peanut Butter Filling

  • While the cookie as well as cookie crumbs are cooling down, blend with each other the peanut butter dental filling.
  • In an additional dish, with tidy beaters, incorporate the velvety peanut butter as well as powdered sugar till well incorporated, totally blended with each other.

Assembling the PB Max

  • Once the cookie base has actually cooled down completley, take one base as well as spread out a charitable quantity of peanut butter filling up onto the base, producing a dome of peanut butter onto the cookie.
  • Press the cookie collapses around the top of the peanut butter. Set apart on a plate or frying pan that will certainly suit your freezer.
  • Repeat with continuing to be cookies.
  • Freeze for 15 mins or till you can no more push right into the peanut butter blend.
  • Melt the delicious chocolate in the microwave or dual central heating boiler * till totally thawed.
  • Cover each PB Max with milk delicious chocolate by going down the cookie right into the delicious chocolate, base side down and afterwards transforming the cookie over to completley cover the top. Remove the cookie from the delicious chocolate, allowing the excess delicious chocolate diminish, after that allow them completely dry on a parchment paper, wax paper or a silicone cooking floor covering.
  • Repeat with continuing to be PB Max Bars.
  • Allow the delicious chocolate to completley established prior to consuming, you can accelerate this procedure by throwing them back right into the freezer for a couple of mintues.
  • Enjoy!



Calories: 362 kcal|Carbohydrates: 40 g|Protein: 8 g|Fat: 21 g|Saturated Fat: 9 g|Cholesterol: 45 mg|Sodium: 189 mg|Potassium: 276 mg|Fiber: 3 g|Sugar: 23 g|Vitamin A: 342 IU|Calcium: 55 mg|Iron: 1 mg

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