Pesto and pine nut tart

Pesto and pine nut tart

Pesto and pine nut tart, simple and affordable

  • 1 Egg
  • 2 Puff bread
  • 60 g Sprockets
  1. Preheat stove to 180 ° C (th
  2. )
  3. Place smoke bread on parchment paper and cover with pesto. Be certain to leave 2 centimeters of boundary
  4. Put 50 g of pine nuts on the pesto (or even more if you are money grubbing!) 4 Moisten the side of the dough with a damp brush
  5. Cover with the 2nd dough smoke and solder both pasta by pushing the boundary
  6. Using a brush, clean the dough with a ruined entire egg. Place a glass of water in the facility of the pie
  7. Cut 16 strips around the glass from the facility to the outdoors
  8. Remove the glass and make the spins by making 4 turns for each and every
  9. Arrange the remainder of the gables on the spin on pesto and facility
  10. 0 Cook pie for 30-40 mins. Discover additionally the video clip recipe of the pesto-pignons sunlight pieRetrouve the detailed in photos of the salted pie

If you intend to make an enchanting aperitif, you can make “infant tarts sunlight” by taking smaller sized circles in the smoke bread.

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